It is very important to learn about Chatbot Development and its tools which are available in the market. Now you must be having questions regarding this. What are the best chatbot development libraries and tools for building chatbots?

Well, I must say that you are not alone who has this question. Many other people are there who are facing this confusion, that moment when they get any new projects and have a requirement of this. If we talk at numbers there are countless chatbot libraries out there.

Handling Multiple Customers, Accurately

Even though responding to multiple requests on your website, a Chatbot can personalize the user experience. This helps improve the routine with CRM. Also, if you apply keywords to your data, the Chatbot smartly organizes the data according to the customers ‚ demand for keywords.

It also takes steps to create the best environment through voice notes, text, UX, which delivers just what a customer on your website is searching for. So, a customer doesn’t have to waste any time surfing around here and there because the information is available right within the chat window on his fingertips.

Cost-Effective Solution

For a human being, it is a boring job to talk with consumers all day, possibly supplying them with the same details. Getting a support staff makes recurring expenditures possible.

On the opposite, a Chatbot is a one-time expenditure that lets you save your monthly expenses and performs the activities more quickly, which excites the experience of the customer.

Time Saving and Better Customer Services

The whole process of building a Chatbot saves your business staff a great deal of time and helps them to work better on more important tasks. Both of these suggest improved customer service as well. It lets you remain at the top of the game with ease of operation and a satisfying user interface.

Now that you know the advantages of chatbots, let’s explore the frames that help you build and grow your bot.

In this article, I have discussed some of the chatbot development platforms that are available in the market.

Microsoft Bot Framework


Microsoft developed Microsoft Bot Framework and it gives you permission to embedded chatbots on websites, apps, Cortona, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, Facebook messenger, and more.

Two important components are Channel connectors and Bot Builder SDKs. The Channel connecter gives you permission to connect the Chatbot into messaging channels.

Bot Builder SDKs permits you to implement the basic logic in the chatbot. It supports C#, JavaScript, Java, Python versions. Bot Builder also comes with an Emulator for performing local debugging and visualization of conversations. This helps the developers at the time of development of anything.

Connecting Bot Builder SDK with any Natural Language Understanding (NLU) services is very easy for the developers. The Github account of Bot Builder SDK has many samples of code and templates. This provides help to the developers for getting started with the chatbot development very quickly.



Dialogflow can be termed as a conversational platform that gives you permission for designing and building of the chatbots and also voice applications. Examples of these applications are Google Actions and Amazon Alexa Skills.

Google backs it and this tool can be said as the most commonly used tool for chatbot development. In more than 400M Google Assistant device, this tools is being used.

Dialogflow supports all major applications used for messaging such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Kik, Line, Telegram, Twitter, Viber, etc. It supports Natural Language processing in more than 20 languages.

Dialogflow can be said as possibly the best platform for omnichannel chatbot development with a lesser line of codes. It offers a REST API that can be used to combine the chatbot development with custom conversational interfaces or for your own framework.

Amazon Lex


Amazon Lex is a service that makes use of voice and text for the creation of conversational interfaces into any application. It is the same technology operated by Amazon Alexa. Amazon Lex instantly operates as a professionally controlled operation, meaning you don’t need to think about maintaining the infrastructure.

You have the option to create, perform an evaluation, and you can also deploy your chatbots directly from the Amazon Lex console itself, using Amazon Lex.

You can also publish Amazon Lex bots on chat channels such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Kik, and Twilio SMS. For the creation of bots for your smartphone applications, Amazon Lex offers SDKs for iOS and Android.



Botkit, recently purchased by Microsoft, is an open-source chatbot development application. It is the leading development framework for major messaging networks to create chatbots, applications, and custom integrations.

BotKit is SDK based on NodeJs that supports chatting chatbots such as Slack, Cisco Webex, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger Twilio SMS, Twilio IPM, Microsoft Bot Platform, Google Hangouts Chat.

A web chat plugin that you can embed on any website is also supported by Botkit. BotKit allows you to run the chatbot on your own computer. It can be conveniently integrated for all the big NLP platforms.



BotMan for PHP is the most popular chatbot creation platform. Node JS, Python, Java, C # are a number of languages that this library supports. BotMan is the only PHP library that really lets developers use PHP to build a chatbot. BotMan Studio is a clone of BotMan and Laravel, packed together.

It will use the following platforms to publish your chatbot-Cisco Spark, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts Chat, HipChat, Microsoft Bot System, Nexmo, Slack, Telegram, Twilio, Network, WeChat. BotMan comes with a custom chat widget that you can use out of the box to make it as quick as attaching a BotMan driven chatbot to your website.



In the same way, as WordPress is a development platform for websites, Botpress is a dual-license open-source chatbot development platform. The best aspect of Botpress is that it offers UI to handle the chatbots after release by developers and non-technical individuals.

It has a number of fun tools like The Flow Designer and Dialog Master. Flow Designer and Dialog Manager make designing and monitoring dynamic interaction flow simpler for developers. The developers can configure the chatbot entirely-add business logic or attach third party APIs etc.

Botpress is a good option if the user needs non-technical people to handle the content of the chatbot after the launch. A chatbot can be distributed on Twitter, Slack, Telegram, BotFramework, Twilio, Web with Botpress. Botpress is available under both the license AGPL and the exclusive license Botpress.


The company purchased by Facebook is Wit, particularly for commercial use, is open. It is an NLP framework that helps developers to set up organizations and attempts. Developers can link the to your chatbot or some other program using the HTTP API. Their advanced ML model makes NLU training more effective, and enhanced navigation is supported by the revamped website to enable you to quickly navigate your apps and find details. offers Node.js, Python, and Ruby SDKs.

Rasa Stack


Rasa is an open-source platform and has two main components i.e. Rasa NLU and Rasa Core. For natural language comprehension, Rasa NLU is responsible. Rasa Core is a basis for the development of chatbot interaction. It allows for more nuanced discourse, educated using machine learning that is responsive and supervised.

The main benefit of using Rasa Stack is that by having all the components in-house, the chatbot can be installed on your own server. Rasa Heart, or Rasa NLU, may be used separately. Rasa is ready for production and anywhere used in large industries.

Rasa Core supports Facebook Messenger, Rocket Chat, Slack, Telegram, Twilio. It operates under two licenses. Open sources include Rasa NLU and Rasa Heart. There is a more sophisticated and paid variant of the Rasa stack called Rasa network.

The Rasa paid application expands the Rasa NLU and Rasa Core open source libraries with APIs, a graphical user interface, and an enterprise-grade customer success network. In Python, Rasa core is written.

SAP Conversational AI


The SAP Conversational AI (formerly known as is the company’s end-to-end chatbot network. Spend less time on designing chatbots for pre-configured chatbots for particular segments of the market, which reduces integration time and speeds up implementation.

Cisco Flame, Kik, Sheet, Messenger, Skype (via Microsoft Azure), Microsoft Teams (via Microsoft Azure), Cortana (via Microsoft Azure), Slack, SAP CoPilot, SAP Jam Collaboration, Telegram, Twilio, Twitch, Facebook, Facebook.

SAP Conversational AI offers Ruby, Javascript, Python, PHP, and Java SDKs. It also comes with SDK for iOS. For non-commercial purposes, it has a small free edition available.

IBM Watson Assistant


The Watson Assistant is an offering by IBM to create any program, system, or channel with conversational interfaces. You can deploy Watson Assistant on the website, in a smartphone app, on the phone, on messaging platforms, and on tools for customer support.

13 languages are supported by this chatbot tool and it provides the developers with SDK to create apps around Watson’s Assistant. You can make use of this in Java, Python, IOS. IBM gives you free, standard as well as premium plans.



Gupshup ’s messaging platform was created in 2004 and is used by many developers to create chatbots. Gupshup’s chatbot platform offers solutions for the entire bot creation lifecycle including scripting, dev, testing, routing, tracking, and analytics to make advanced bots simpler and quicker to build. The platform has 2 main components-Messaging API and Bot Platform.

Messaging API allows developers to upload chatbots to 30 + platforms using a single API. With Bot App, you can select from a list of pre-constructed bot models, modify their content, and upload it instantly. The discussion flow can be conveniently generated by non-developers with a graphical editor. The usage of the framework is open.



Another common chatbot tool for chatbot development using the drag and drop UI is Botsify. The chatbot can be released by Botsify on the Website, Slack and Facebook Messenger.

One of the good features of Botsify is the movement of human agents that is not usable on most other platforms. Botsify also provides 3rd party platform integrations, such as Google Sheet, Shopify, Dashbot, Dialogflow, etc. Botsify isn’t open, rates start at $50 / month.



Pandorabots offers an online chatbots designer and deployer web service. For scripting the chatbot interaction, the Pandorabots use the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML).In addition to paid libraries and plugins (like the Mitsuku Module) available for an extra monthly charge, Pandorabots provides free, open-source libraries (like Rosie, ALICE, and Base Bot).

Flow XO


You can build the conversational flow using Flow XO for Workflow. It can help you to build blocks that can be used in many bots.

You will use over 100 integrations as the building blocks, most of which can be used to „activate“ a flow or as an „action“ contribution from a flow.

Flow XO is sponsored by Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twilio SMS, Internet, and Telegram. A free package with 500 interactions and 5 bots or active flows is available from Flow XO.

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Chatfuel is a common forum for chatbot development to develop Facebook Messenger based chatbots. It claims 46 percent of all Messenger bots are operated by them.

You can make Messenger Bots from existing models, or you can use the Drag & Drop creator to make one. From the dashboard itself, you can even select the Messenger campaign sequences. It helps only bots released on Facebook Messenger.

To use Chatfuel, you do not need any coding abilities and the free edition of the application allows you access to almost any role for up to 1,000 subscribers, while users can see the bot’s Chatfuel branding.



For marketing, purchases, and assistance, ManyChat helps you to build a Facebook Messenger bot. Chatfuel ’s counterpart is ManyChat and there are a lot of things in common with the two networks.

You can quickly set up your Facebook messenger bot without any programming experience with ManyChat ’s visual drag-and-drop creator. For 1,000 members, the paid versions start at $10 / month and there is a free version of the app that allows you access to virtually all applications, while users can see the branding of ManyChat on your bot.

Mobile Monkey


Some similar features are shared by MobileMonkey with Chatfuel and Manychat. The platforms encourage developers without any programming experience to construct a chatbot.

The contact lists, leads, subscribers, and even the Messenger funnel can be handled. MobileMonkey offers everything you need for blogs, Facebook ads, bulk messaging and more to create and deploy powerful Chatbots.



CoRover, Conversational AI Network, with advanced cognitive AI technologies, provides controlled Chatbot as a Service (also with Self-Onboarding support) to help companies increase sales, save costs, boost customer loyalty, and organizational effectiveness.

The top 3 strategic advantages at CoRover are:

  • Versatility: Multi-format Omni-channel-Site, Smartphone, WhatsApp, IVR, SMS, Social Media Bots) and Multilingual-deals with 12 vernacular languages and 100 foreign languages.
  • Tech Edge: Stable, Secure, Scalable Infrastructure (> 800 K supported by concurrent users) Built grounds for implementation on and on public/private clouds. A network award-winning.
  • Turnaround time: 10x faster to launch, thanks to our innovative patent-pending CBML (ChatBot Markup Language) technology for ease of testing. Train the bot in English and make it usable with industry-leading accuracy in every language (> 95 percent).


It is another conversational forum for bots, games, utilities, and smartphones. fits the query to the most relevant intent based on goal-containing details (examples, entities used for metadata, circumstances, criteria, events), and the machine learning model of the agent. It translates the query text into actionable data and returns the result data as an object of the JSON answer.

There are predefined bundles of information accumulated over many years. Adobe, iOS, Cordova, HTML , JavaScript, Node.js,. NET, Unity, Xamarin, C++, Python, Ruby, PHP, Epson Moverio, Botkit, and Java are available as SDKs.

Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian are the languages can support. There’s an open forum. In September 2016 Google acquired

Digital Genius


DigitalGenius is a Customer Support with Person + AI. It is not necessarily a chatbot network but a deep learning technology that operates in every language. AI analyses case metadata and recommend the customer service agents the correct responses.

AI learns about both experiences with officers. It uses a deep neural network architecture, word vectors, mathematical operations, and algorithms for deep learning.

Human + AI Customer Support installs as a layer into current customer care applications like Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.


I hope the Chatbot development tools mentioned above will help you choose one for your project. There’s no ideal structure because it depends on the necessity, so try them all and see what’s right for you.

Thank you for reading the article. I hope this was helpful for you in any of its aspects.