We’re always looking for content collaboration and new authors to join our team. If you have got a unique content idea or want to add some points to our existing content, you’re always welcome. We always look for high-quality content that can help our audience and make the community stronger. 

What are we looking for?

We have set a minimum benchmark for the articles so that they can be easily searched on Google, benefit our readers as well as pass our QA test.

  • The topic has to be new and should have not been published on GeekyHumans before.
  • The number of words: The article should contain at least 2200-2500 words. This is to ensure that the article contains enough information that is useful to our readers.
  • 100% unique content.
  • Grammar error-free.
  • Use a friendly tone.
  • Python-related. We only accept Python-related articles. It can be a listicle, tutorial, or anything relayed to Python

How to submit articles?

  • You can fill the below form with the topic and some information. If we find the article good for our audience, then we’ll contact you for the first draft.