You should have come across so many services that are provided by AWS, am I correct? But you must be having confusion between all the services that which is most suitable for the requirements of your company. AWS Services provides you robust, secure, and easy to use tools for databases, storage, running operations, etc. Many popular companies like Netflix, Unilever, Airbnb, BMW, Met Office, and so on are using AWS services for running their websites. This article will be very helpful for running your business with much greater profit as you’re getting right now.

The recent data that has come from Synergy Research Group showed that the expenditure on infrastructure as a services(IaaS), platform as a service(PaaS), and hosted private cloud has rapidly increased to up to 46 percent in the last quarter of the year 2017and Amazon use that money very efficiently and brought many things with that money. That report also stated that AWS got the dominant position by leaving behind 4 of the competitors together with the help of those revenues.

However, being in the dominant position doesn’t stop Amazon to sit on its laurels. In that same year, AWS made an announcement about so many latest services, that included many services that were related to hot technology areas such as containers, machine learning, IoT, virtual reality, and security.

In the last two years, the services that have been introduced completely changed the process of business and the way approaching markets of different businesses. AWS also gave permission to thousands of companies for the creation of an infrastructure that is already ready to communicate with machine learning.

So, we have brought the list of Best 20 AWS services in the year 2020 for clearing your confusion and helping you in finding the best list of services which is most suitable for implementing in your projects.

The article is totally focused on popular Amazon Web Services, which are been used the majority of the time by the customers and their admins also.

Amazon S3


Amazon S3 has been top of the list in AWS services, as in cloud computing storing and retrieving of the data play a very important role, and AWS offers amazing services named Amazon Simple Storage Service or Amazon S3 for storing and retrieving the data and information which you have saved on the cloud. S3 gives permission to you that you can store, upload, and retrieve big files also of size up to 5 TB.

This is very scalable, very cheap in cost, and also gives high speed, it is a web-based design for archiving and online backup of the application programs and information. If you are using S3 you can access the same system that Amazon is using in running its website. You will be having control over to choose between private or public accessibility of the information.

Amazon EC2


Amazon EC2 is in the list of fastest-growing AWS services, this has shown a rapid growth of approximately 80% between the years 2017-2018.  This service from AWS reduces all of your worries about the cost of deploying physical servers. This can be very useful in the creation of virtual machines and other features of server management i.e. storage, ports, and security.

Amazon EC2 can be used for creating the servers in no time depending on the type of server system. The most important advantage which has been noted in using this is its flexibility to be focused on core business functionalities and projects. In this you don’t have to deal with the server’s maintenance, so you will be left with enough time for focusing on your project.

Amazon RDS


This is also a popular service in the AWS service list of the year 2019, which has been used for confirming the complexities in the design of cloud infrastructure. Now the question arises that how will the Amazon Relational Database Service will help you? The facilities it provides such as the complete management of the privileges which has been provided by the AWS support team. These terms are the reasons for putting this service the list of the tops AWS services.

The most important fact about Amazon RDS is that it is capable of supporting multiple database engines, including SQL Server, SQL, PostgreSQL, and others. This will help you in saving you the time and cost of the maintenance and supporting of database servers.

Amazon CloudFront


This was suddenly added to the list of the AWS services only because of its use in increasing the speed of the website. This service will provide your users with good access to the information on the cloud. It is a Global Delivery Service(CDN) which helps in the management of the content, delivering it to the users and making sure that it has been efficiently presented.

Amazon CloudFront is mostly used in order to give website static that has been obtained from different centers from all around the world.

Amazon VPC


Amazon virtual private cloud has also been counted in the list of the most popular AWS services as it has a very important role in reducing the risk of information security. The private cloud will help you in making sure that the information is being accessed by the system that is authorized and specific individuals.

VPC’s features help in creating a private virtual network, which can use in housing the complete IT infrastructure or services without being in contact with the outside world.

Amazon SNS


Amazon SNF is the next service which is worth it discussing. Simple Notification Service(SNS)is been used in sending SMS, emails, and SQS or HTML endpoint. You should know how to use SNS as it is the most important part of this. The most fascinating part of this system of notification is its flexibility of getting together with various types of applications i.e. Node.js, python, and PHP applications.

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk


It is also a very important AWS service in the list, as it is very suitable for the developers, and helps them in reducing the stress which they have in mind for the management of the infrastructure of a website. If you know a developer then you must be knowing this also that they face some issues in finding the solution to the problem if they are stuck with the management of the infrastructure. The Autoscaling solution can help you in making the updates automatic to S3 and the automatic installation also on EC2 and the most important part all these features of this service is free for use.

AWS Lambda


Amazon Lambda is another service that has the dignity to be mention in the list of renowned AWS.  This helps you in executing your code without the use of servers so, you will not have the requirement of the EC2 server. We have seen much time that the developers have the issue which is related to the demands for the development and the infrastructure which is available to them. So this service provides better surroundings for the purpose of the development. This will make developers less worried about running their codes and they will also find their effectiveness by providing the permission to AWS so that it can provide necessary resources.

AWS Auto Scaling


Amazon autoscaling is a very useful example for companies who want to expand their application and expand their reach up to thousands and even millions of users. This service provides you help in managing the fleet of servers that are already equipped and can support any number of traffic come to your application or demanded. This service is totally free and very helpful.



AWS Identity and Access Management, this service is very effective in controlling the provided access and also having control over the AWS resources. The most interesting part of these services that it can be effectively complemented with your corporate identity federation. Other aspects of Identity and access management include facilities such as group policies and two-factor authentication.

Amazon Glacier


This is in the list of the most important services which is provided by Amazon Web Services.  This Amazon Glacier is an online web storage service that will provide you services at low cost and effective storage with so many features of security for archiving and backup the data. By using this, you will have the option to store your information for so many months, years, or even decades.

Amazon EBS


This is a service that is offered by Amazon and it is used for storing the persistent data, and it also has block-level storage for using the instances of EC2. With the use of EBS, you will have the option to move your data from one instance to another instance without losing your data which has been stored in EBS. You also have the option of mounting multiple volumes on the individual instance, but to a single instance, only one volume can be attached.

Amazon Kinesis


Are you having stress and confusion in dealing with the big amount of data and you want to know how to deal with them? Amazon Kinesis is offered to you for that purpose only i.e. for handling the big amount of data in real-time. It gives permission to the developers to take any big amount of information and data from any of the sources that can be run on the EC2 instances.  It provides you options like storing, capturing, and processing the data from the popular and big spread streams i.e. feed of social media and log events. After it has completed the process of the data, it spreads the information to the clients on by one.

Amazon SQS


Amazon Simple Queue Services, manage the services of messages that are queued. With the use of these services you have the option to cute the data from one application to another application and the other application is running or active it doesn’t matter it will still move the data. This sends the messages between the multiple services, which include S3, DynamoDB, EC2 Instances, and also it uses the Java message queue service for the delivery of the data. Max time for which it will be visible in 12 hours.

Amazon Elastic Cache


Amazon Elastic Cache is a system of memory cache services on the cloud platform which supports Redis and Memcached. It helps you in improving the performance of the memory by Intensive queries of CPU and Caching I/Q queries in the memory for getting the results very quickly. It gets together with all the other services also and allows you to manage from both i.e. user API and management console. You have the option to run Elastic Cache with the help of Virtual Private Cloud.

Amazon Redshift


Amazon Redshift is a well-maintained data service of the warehouse in the cloud. This provides you access to structured data with the help of SQL, ODBC, and JDBC which is already existing in it. If you are executing the big query so it will divide that big query into small parts and give multiple nodes for different queries for performing parallel operations. As the requirements increase and it gets controlled nodes in Red Shift.

Amazon Lex


This is in the list of top AWS services, it offers scalable, secure, and easy-to-use end-to-end software for the creation, publishing, and managing the chatbots. It also provides automatic tools for automatic recognition of the speech and recognition of common language technologies for the creation of a system of speech understanding.

It supports Lambda for retrieving the data, updating, and executing the logic of business. More features that you like are the multi-platform deployment in the single click.



It is one of the most trendy AWS services that provides you solutions the software operations, and data services. It gives you permission to connect the devices safely, gather the information, and help in performing an activity that is based on the information which is received from local, and this can be done even if the internet connection is not there then also.

The Operating Services gives you permission to supervise, manage, and protection of the big and different fleet of the devices.

AWS Athena


AWS Athena is an online Query Service that helps in the simplification in the analysis of data in S3 with the use of the standard tools of SQL. This service doesn’t have any server so no infrastructure is where it has the requirement of the configuration or any operation, so you don’t have to wait to start the analysis of the data you can start the analysis immediately. This service gets the data directly from the data stored in S3 so there is no requirement to upload the data on Athena, you can directly work on your data stored.

On compiling, It can be said that the number of AWS services that are mentioned in this list is not the complete list you will still find the wide range of other AWS services also like AWS light sail, AWS Route 53 for getting the domain names and DNS services, SQS and Cloud watch for the trigger, action, and the statistics. Every AWS services will provide you different functions ranging from different functions such as application building, security, migration, maintenance, and monitoring.

Final Thoughts

The big variety of AWS services are acting as an important part for the businesses and in the future, they are also looking to achieve the goals of cloud migration. However, it will be correct if you say that any business has the option to choose any kind of service which is best suitable for the requirements of the infrastructure, and after that that businesses will get the benefits of that cloud landscape. The most important thing that you should not forget that the expenditure on these services is also being decreased slowly as the adoption of these services is getting better so, fewer costs give benefits to everyone.

Amazon web services are also bringing a large number of opportunities for the professionals of the cloud who are having skills for working in familiar with these AWS services. If you know the skills of these services so it’s the correct time to implement your skills with the certification of the AWS for grabbing the opportunities which are available.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope the above list was helpful for you.