We always wish to find the right and the best attractive free icons for application i.e. making an application attractive that will provide fun to your users, yet the intuitive experience is easier said than doing it with the sheer abundance of your own choice in this era.

Moreover going beyond that issue is the fact that many free icons for application are also available to use in the internet world. Add-on to the confusion there’s an issue that finding the right one which will help you and make it very attractive. Some of them are available as SVGs, PNGs, and PSD files, and some in just one file format.

Here we have rounded up 25 of the best free app icon kits to make your search for the perfect icons in short and an easier format. Read the complete article to find the best and free app icons for your next design.



If you are using Justinmind and you want a complete set of free icons for application for Android and IOS platforms, I will recommend you to give a visit to their UI kits page as it is having so many.

If you use any of their free icons it is confirmed that you stress for finding the application icon for giving the best experience to your users will be faded as their kits of icons already come installed in Justinmind.

If you are using the UI kits pages of it, then you are ensuring that your icons follow the universal language of both the platforms like Android and IOS so that these icons will be easily recognized.

Icons 8


At this platform, you have the option to download hundreds of icons for free for all kinds of apps either on android or on iOS or for Windows 10 also.

On the website of icon 8 you have the option to download each icon individually also, it’s not the case that you have to download the complete package. This provides you with the option to easily search the icons for your category and needs and download them individually.

The downloadable format of this website application icon is PNG.



This website provides you with the full access to a bunch of categories and from there you can download your free icon belonging to your category.

On this site, there are various unique categories also which provide so many offers to you which include logos and brands, business and avatar, Fantasy and Role-playing, Space Flat-Galaxy, and also the basic user interface icons and social media.

You have the option to download them individually just by clicking at them and choosing the quality to download which is either SVG, AI, or PNG.



This website gives you a tray of hundred pages which is all filled with coloured and outline icons of various categories and from that, you can download them separately.

On this website majority of icons are cartoonish but you will also find some of them are very serious or normal design icons also. In short, we would recommend this website if you want to give your app a cool and bright icon that is best suitable for gaming or social apps.

The downloadable format of this website application icon is PNG.



This website gives you a pack of more than 60 free app icons for testing. The pack which it provides for testing includes a few icons of the outline, glyph, colour, and mini-icons categories.

Every app in on this site is limited but they are so fascinating in terms of design and can match the requirements in various conditions. You have the option to use them for conditions like the setting of mobile phones and utility functions, eCommerce apps, education apps, communication apps, etc.

The downloadable format of this website application icon is SVG.

Find icons


It is very similar to icon archive, it also does provides you with many pages which are compelled with quirky, fun, and free icons for application for downloading separately according to your requirements.

You also have the option to apply the filter as colour,3D, crystal, and hand-drawn in order to know that the application icons that have been shown are licensed for use or not. It also gives you permission for choosing the background from transparent, black, grey, and white for your app icons.

The downloadable format of this website application icon is PNG, ICO, ICNS.

Material Design


This website is a non-stop store for you for free icons for application if you are designing it for the Android platform and you are con confirmed that how to represent the app so that it becomes so attractive.

You have the option to search the icon according to your needs. Let’s take an example if you type settings and this website will bring a complete list of so many icons related to settings. Among all those styles you have the option to choose which will be best for your application. You also have the option to download the app separately in SVG or in PNG format.

Sketch App Sources


This website gives you a complete list of free icons for downloading for Sketch and if you are designing a niche application then this can be the boo for you and you should visit here. It also provides many icons for more generic works.

You have the option to download these icons in a variety of packs and packs can be searched by filtering the categories and tags.

The downloadable format of this website application icon is Sketch files.



Dribble is a website which is best suitable for designers, as it provides so many big packs of free application icons for use in both the personal and commercial category.

On this website majority of icons, sets were created by various other designers and they share their self made icons for free and you have the option to download their work as single PSD files and then edit any of the icons individually with the use of Photoshop.

Round icons


This website provides you packs of free vector icons that are available for use for both commercial and personal purposes, although they have the requirement of attribution.

Every pack on this website of premium plans have more than 100 icons in it. Although you will also get a wide variety of free application icons, such as business icon packs, minimal icons, solid lines, duotones, and even a pack of Game of Thrones.

The downloadable format of this website application icon is PNG and SVG.



This website provides you with a Material design that is professionally designed and iOS style free icons for downloading.

The team of the Ionic framework has made each and every icon on this site is open-source and it can also be downloaded individually as SVG format.

On these icons, all the icons that are free are available on grayscale and it includes categories like sports, DIY, travel, social media, eCommerce, and even logos for the brands.

Freebies Bug


If your choice is simple, flat, and minimalistic designs, this website has two big icons packs readily available for downloading and even as a free basis named Amenities which was made by Dot on Paper and 80 stroke icons which were made by Petras Nargela.

The downloadable format of this website application icon in PSD and SVG.



This website has a big giveaway for free in the form of a Helium icon pack. They have named this icon pack as Helium as the finely shaded interface of the app icon gives a glossy effect as it is like hot air balloons.

If you want a multi-purpose kit of app icons for free that are designed nicely, and easy to the eyes so this website can be the boom for you, you should give a visit.

The downloadable format of this website application icon is SVG.



This website offers you a pack of free app icons which is having more than 320 icons hand-drawn in it for use in your designs and each and every icon present in it is available for both personal and commercial use.

These icons are minimalist, 2D, grayscale, It also gives you the option either you choose and edit them as you want or you leave them as they are both will be very suitable for your application. You should check out this website if you need icons for the categories like arrows and directions, control icons, text editor, layout, and logos for your brands.

Smashing Magazine


This is a website every designer must hear at some point in their career and not with bad reasons but with good reasons.

It is the best resource for everything you need either its mobile design or web design and now they are also providing icon packs for your application for free. According to me, nothing can be better than this.

All the app icons that are available for download on this website are Swifticons and swift icons consist of a wide variety of categories of icons. Other amazing icons packs are summer and essentials.

The downloadable format of these icons is PNG, SVG, EPS, and PDF.

Squid Ink


On this website, you will find a beautifully crafted set of free icons for your application, which ranges from simplistic to detailed. This website also has two-dimensional icons that you can use for the designs you have made on mobile. Squid Ink has designed every icon on its website using vector shapes.

You have the option to download a set of 50 icons for your applications for free, but it also gives you an option for making a donation of whatever amount you feel like before you download the set of icons.

The downloadable format of this website application icon is SVG, PNG, EPS, PSD, and AI.

Elegant Themes


If your choice is a clean kit of pixel-perfect line app icons for downloading and it should be free so this website is perfect for you.

The latest pack of this website is 100 free line style icons that have functions exactly what it has said, i.e. beautifully drawn, minimalist line icons and it is available for almost every condition.

 Each of the free icons available is editable and available for download as a pack of PNG assets having 2 different pixel sizes.

The downloadable format of this website application icon is SVG and PNG.



If you are looking for a free set of pencil-thin stroke icons for downloading so, Pixeden’s stroke 7 icon pack it the best icons pack for you in the market.

Every icon available in this pack comes as fully scalable vectors and were inspired by the iOs7 system. Through its minimalistic design and having a capability of easily modifiable, this set of icons has the capability to see the design of your app from every angle and analyze it.

 The downloadable format of this website application icon is SVG.



If you want a big variety of app icons for free and which can be used in every type of situation in the flow of your users then you should give Icomoon a try.

The pack of this website which is free for downloading has up to 490 handcrafted icons with a grid of 16 pixels in it.

The best part of this free downloadable pack is that although it can be easily modified, you can also optimize it and you can use it as Icon Fonts. This set of icons can be also downloaded in high retina PNG files.

The downloadable format of this website application icon is SVG, PDF, EPS, AI, and PSD.



If your choice is for simple and bold icons this website is best for you. It gives you an option to choose from a library of hundreds of flat or solid free icons for your applications and this library gets updated each month with new editions of app icons.

You are having a large number of options for whatever categories of app icons you need.

The downloadable format of this application icon is PSD, SVG, EPS, and PNG.


If your plan is to design an application for serious usages such as banking, maps, emails, or creative apps like cooking or any social media app then you should move towards this website and get downloaded their Sketch Active icons for the applications for free.

Everybody must have a question that Why?? The answer is you get up to 360 icons, both in solid and outline versions and also flat, lassy, and also in a minimalistic design.

The downloadable format of this website application icon is Sketch, AI, PNG, and EPS.

Open Iconic


As similar to Aegeank.com, this website is also very strongly recommend if you are making an application for a serious purpose and you need a wide range of icons for it for free.

On this website, you will find 223 cool app icons and every icon can easily be modified as it provides a great foundation for adapting them to the brand style as well as the theme of your own.

The downloadable format of this application icon is SVG and PNG.



If your choice is to have an application icon that is having sleek and artistic designs for downloading for free, iconSweet’s extensive packs of more than a thousand attractive icons are the best place for you to visit.

All the icons available in this pack are having a playful, crisp style, and that too on smaller scales. Every icon present in this pack is having round borders that provide you a nice contrast with straight edges.

If you are looking for simple, minimalistic, sleek, and arty designs of icons for free this is the best place you have visited.

The downloadable format of this website application icon is PSD.



On this website, you will find a testing pack of 50 free icons for application for downloading in scalable vectors form.

If your choice is a pack of icons for iOS that consists of every function or utility according to your imagination, then we will strongly recommend you give a try to this sample pack of free icons.

The downloadable format of this website application icon is PNG and SVG.



It has a variety of options, so much to choose from you don’t know where to start. It is highly customizable with different styles to suit your needs. You also have the ability to make edits right on the site, changing colors, etc. And it allows you to download different formats such as SVG or PNG.

Another feature I love is the scaling when it comes to downloading, you can download the graphic at 16px, 32px, etc.

The Wrap-UP

The icons you choose for your app depend on different factors like the type of application, the niche of the application, it is a serious or fun app, which type of audience you want to target from your application, etc.

Whichever website you visit we hope that this was helpful for you to find the best source for the best icon for your application which is attractive and suitable for your niche.

You can also read about, web APIs that every developer should know. Thank you for reading we will bring many articles in future for your help.