The most famous and popular point of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code themes is the ability to customize. As the requirements of the users are applied to Visual studio code themes. So many people spend so much time beyond the interface and the experience of your editor. It will be very easy for you if you are using Visual Studio code themes. The themes which are already available for you it gives you permission to the developers of a new generation without any stoppage. However, there are so many themes are already available for the purpose of coding, It becomes so hard to choose the theme which is best for you.

So, we have created a big list of 30 visual studio code themes for your help.

One Dark Pro


It was termed as the best visual studio code themes for some time. This theme is basically based on One Dark theme of the Atom editor and has been downloaded for millions of time to date. It is not a small number and its popularity is increasing day by day. The pro version of One Dark gives very innovative features and ideas which make its use very easy.

Material Theme


When this was released it was a big surprise for all of us. Through the structured flexible elements of design, it also set the standard of modern UXs. The concept of Google’s material theme has also brightened the world of the visual studio code themes also. It is the most preferred theme for the developers who wants a minimal but elegant theme which can put you ways through its interfaces. The record number of downloads i.e. 2.4 million it speaks everything automatically.

Dracula Theme


This is the visual studio code theme for the modern world that is also chosen by the developers in the large amount because of its elegant designs and they are simple as well. This theme becomes more effective when you are working for many hours in the night. Other feature of this that it supports 50+ other applications also which doesn’t belong to Visual studio code. Developers refused to choose any light mode as they stated that “It can’t fulfil the requirements of the day.

Shades of Purple


This theme helps you in keeping the user fascinated every time they use their Linux text editor. It was developed by Ahmad Awais, and till date, there are more than 700,000 downloads of this theme. So, If you say that it the hottest themes to chose for the purpose of visual studio code so you will not be wrong in it. In short, this theme is the best theme for the developers who wants a mixture of gorgeous and aesthetic looking theme.

Night Owl


The name suggests that this theme is very suitable for the people who work late at night and usually prefer simple and dark themes so that it doesn’t give harm to their eyes. The contrast feature and meaningful colour of this theme make it very easy for your eyes to adapt to this theme. This theme is having more than 5 Lakh downloads. So if you are searching for the theme that is dark and easily adaptable to the eyes to this can be the boom for you.

Winter is Coming


This theme is a mixture of both the light and dark themes that are best for the purpose of using it in the editor of Visual Code. The number of download of this theme is exceeding 8 lakhs. The mixture of light and dark visuals helps for both the types of developers i.e. if you want to work at night you can enable dark mode and if you are a day terminator then light most is best for you. Overview f this theme is that it is a good choice if you are looking themes in the combo system.

Atom One Dark


According to its name, this theme is based on one Dark visual studio code theme that I have mentioned above of the Atom text editor. In terms of Atom, you cay say it as the most popular theme so, it becomes the first choice for the people who are getting their code visual studio from the atom. In the world of programming very few will be there who don’t know about this as it is having more than 13 lakh downloads. If your choice is to get going to Visual studio code and you are the user of Atom at the moment so this will the best option for you.

Monokai Pro


The colour scheme of this them is one of the best colour usage in the terms of visual studio code themes. This theme is getting support from so many people and it includes me too. The pro version of Monokai is the best example of the usage of the colour scheme. In the list of professional visual studio code themes, this refers to the most professional and it s also developed by the original author of the Monokai. It is having more than 5 lakh downloads which states the minds of the people that you are liking it very much.



It is a simple theme including the interface of light more, so according to that this can be the best visual studio code themes for your usage. The developers of this beautiful theme created this theme with the help of the warm colours. Overview of this is, it can be a good choice if you need a variable look without using so many resources.

Pale Night


This is another design which totally focuses on cleaning and consisting of its designs as the interface of this them is very much inspired by the Material design and thus it becomes so adaptable and relaxing to the eyes. The combination of the colours and the choices of designs are above the dignity level. Overview of this theme is that it is a good choice for people who want a variable visual direction.



This is also a combination of dark and light themes that can be accessed and used at any place no matter what time it is. All the themes have a good balance of colour contrast. This makes the theme to be adaptable for eyes and also providing the best user view. So, if you choice is for having a wide range to select from then you should consider Noctis as the option.



This is a perfect example of making the theme inspiring for using it as visual studio code themes and the colour combination of this theme is very easy for the eyes to adapt and it completely reduces the stress on the eyes even if we use it for a long term. So if you have a habit of compiling your work at nigh like me so this can hit you hard, you should try this.

Atom One light


This theme is a lighter version of the famous theme named One Dark theme for Atom. It is the best choice of the user those who have recently come to visual code from Atom. This theme has already set its records by having downloads of more than 3 lakh times.  So, if you are an Atom user and you want to get to Visual Studio Code so this theme can the best choice for you.

Panda Theme

This theme is basically suitable for people whose choice is a clean and concise interface. It is designed in such a manner as it is easily adaptable for the eyes and yet it implements a wide range of element designs. The dark format of these themes is very helpful for you and your eyes if you work for many hours continuously. This theme is a lightweight theme in this big list and yet gives many elegant designs.

One Monokai


If you are already admiring One Dark theme and Monokai so this theme is going to the boon for you. The name already suggests that this theme is the cross of these two most popular themes. The combination of colours and the contrast has made it very easy for use for a long period of time. It has the number of more than 6 lakhs downloads and also it is very popular among the developers these days.

Cobalt 2


This is another dark theme that is going to help you in concentrating on the code, rather than wasting your time on visual settings. It is becoming the most favourite visual studio code theme due to the ergonomic design it is having and helpful combination of colours. This theme is already having more than 3 lakh download so it is already very popular.



As the name is suggesting this theme is inspired by Synthwave to be used in Visual Studio code editor. The neon colour interface of this theme will take you back in 80’s movies and their posters. Overall, it is an inspiring theme whenever you want to make your things spicier.



It is another visual studio code theme that uses bright and warm colour for the purpose of using in its interface. This theme is also the combination of both the dark and light format. Programmers usually use this theme as it giver permission to use the same theme both in night and day time. So overall this theme is focused on its points and if you like warm colours so this theme can be best for you.

Github Plus


As the name suggests it is strongly motivated by the colour theme of GitHub and this is a light coloured visual studio code theme. It is having a simplistic theme that gets matched with most of the environments. Overall the light format colour palette reduces stress on the eyes and it is very beneficial for the people who like to code during day time.



It is a dark colour theme which is trying very hard to match the lever of this universe in terms of its aesthetics. Moreover, the developers of these themes have done a fantastic job that it pleasing design of the interface and pragmatic design choices shows. So if your choice is the combination of warm colours and dark theme then this is the best for you.



This theme is strongly motivated by a bad wolf, jellybeans and solarised. It is having a bright mode is designed with the help of ‘retro groove’ colours and it also gives you the option to switch from light mode to dark mode.

The main point that has been kept in mind while developing this was to choose good contrasting, colour combination and which is very easy to adapt by the eyes.

Tokyo Night


It is a clean and elegant theme, first, it was dark not it is light visual studio code theme that gives you the feel of the colours and lights of the downtown. This theme in my view is working best with semantic syntax highlighting turned off. For disabling these features, you have to search for or add this into our settings.



This theme is having an orange colour elegant interface throughout the complete UI. This theme looks perfect for not only a single language but for all the languages like strings, type annotations, classes, language keyword etc. and also has the same colour interface i.e. whichever language you are using it will not change the interface of this theme.

Aurora X


This theme is the most gorgeous, innovative, aesthetic and technically very fascinating visual code studio theme. This theme is not just only limited for the use of designers but it also is used by a wide range of applications.

Glass UI


This theme was first made for using in the Atom but nowadays it is available for the most popular editor of text i.e. Visual Studio Code editor. The bright and light minimalistic design of UI is strongly motivated by the edge design of the mirror.

A Touch of Lilac


This is a fascinating theme that comes with Ui and it can also take you the various shades of colour with the flowers named lilac. One more version of this called, No-Italics is available for you people if you are going to prefer this you will be getting that version also. So, overall you have the option to make a choice between these two themes as this provides both the two themes and whichever you like you can prefer it to use.

Firefly Pro


It is a colourful dark theme that will glow in nigh if you prefer this and it is strongly inspired by Fireflies. This theme consists of two variants of dark themes named Firefly Pro and Firefly pro Midnight. It is very suitable for the professional coders who work in nigh and love this visual studio code theme. This has been tested as it was used for 6 hours continuously and it has been observed that there is no eyes burn or any other effect to eyes after that usage so it is easily adaptable by eyes. This theme is so colourful and it will highly motivate you to code at night.

Slime Theme


It is a dark syntax/workbench theme that can be used for VS code which is based on Atom. It has been developed to be used in SCSS, HTML, JS, TS, Markdown, PHP files. The used font in this is IBN plex Mono.



This theme is the best theme for you if you love to code in deep dark spaces as it is having an elegant colourful dark theme. This will reduce stress to your eyes and it’ll not cause any burning to your eyes due to its dark theme. So, if you have a habit of coding at night this can be the option for you.



It is a simple and user-friendly visual studio code theme for the long time coders and if you want a friendly highlight to your code then also. It is a dark theme and colourful also so it will help you in many ways if you prefer this theme.

Ending thoughts

The most popular Linux code editor is visual studio code and it has many genuine reasons for becoming this much famous as it is a free available editor, the open-source editor that offers you a wide range of facilities and an approximately infinite range of abilities to customize.

You have a large range of themes and icon packs to choose from so that you can make you code best and very easily adaptable to your eyes.

In this article, you found 30 best visual code studio themes that you can choose for working on VS code very efficiently, gracefully and in such manner which is comfortable for your eyes.

I hope that you find the best theme for you that will help you in choosing the best theme for your code so that you can easily code for long hours without any side effect.

Do comment about which theme is the most suitable one according to your choice. I hope this article was helpful for you in choosing the theme. You can also check out our another article on Best IDEs for other alternatives for Visual Studio Code. Thank you for reading.