Once upon a time, when some of you people demanded such features which left the companies of software development in thought. Months passed in thinking to develop features like that. In today’s time, the obstacles in developing applications have reduced, with the help of the web APIs. Using web API you can connect your website also with the application and use its features and data as well.

Web APIs also helps you in increasing the features of your website and in enhancing the customer experience. If APIs were not there so it should have taken more time to make the processes easy from the back end. This will help you as it will help you in the back end and nobody will know how this is so amazing.

Tech companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Paypal, etc. and many individuals also have been making Web APIs, so that the web developers can use easy web development without any obstacle.

Web APIs has a repository of 50,000+ APIs whereas, Programmable Web has 22,000+ APIs available which are free for you. However, the developers say that only 1%of them is worth using.

Below are the Top 20 recommended APIs to be used in Web development and design:

Google Analytics has become the most important and must-have application for business websites. It helps you in keeping track of the visitors of your website and this keeping track will help you in the future to make effective decisions.

All the data which is shown in stats can be managed by this simple application such as conversions rates and customer lifetime value. It also helps in tracking the back-end of your website and dashboard and Google Analytics helps you in tracking the sales at various stages.

The appearance of Google Analytics will always give you a professional feel as it shows everything with many types of charts, stats, etc. So use is definitely going to get a fabulous appearance after using this.

You can use Google Geo-location in many ways to take advantage. With the help of Maps, you can view whatever you want i.e. 360-degree, Street view, etc. It also helps you in showing the information on the route and with real-time traffic data.

When there is traffic in your area or locality, with the help of this you can plan your travel or change your route accordingly whatever is more suitable for you so you don’t get traffic. This is a very useful API for people living in crowded areas of cities.

Google Fonts is one of the most popular and recommended Web APIs for fonts. This API helps you in avoiding the hosting of clumsy font files on your server. Google Handles all the load.

If people write something it becomes so important to make that text attractive and comfortable to attract more users and make their appearance nicer to eyes.

If you’re going to build an international website, then this API can be very helpful for you. It will help the users of your website to translate the content on the website in their native or understandable language so that they can easily understand what has been written.

Once you’ve completed your HTML and you’re ready with it, this API will handle all the things which are left by itself. This API is very useful because there are so many languages spoken around the world so people should have the option to change the language in their native one, so this comes into place.

If you’re a businessman or running a business of someone, either you want to conduct a person to person meeting or host various events, this API can be the best for you. This API is having all the possible properties to become one of the most popular APIs.

It can also help you in making instants connections and in displaying private or public events. One of the most popular features of Google Calendar is that there’s no limit to scheduling the meetings or any event. You can schedule the meeting after 1 month or after 1 year. It is the most beneficial feature for the users so that they consider your website if they want to use this feature.

If you engage with lots of people around the world then videos can be the best option for you. However, uploading video files to the server every time when you want to upload a video of your content is not a good idea.

With the use of most popular web APIs, for example, YouTube API, you can do put the video player into your site and do the customization of playback settings very easily. It will also help you in fetching the videos from your YouTube Channel to your website dashboard without and obstacle and hesitation.

YouTube is also very popular with the reason that people usually consider YouTube for any kind of details and or any kind of work they want to do, so you can also use this necessity of your users to get benefit by using the YouTube API.

A great way to engage with your customers is Chatbot. Many chatbot service providers are out there, but unlike most of the Facebook Messenger is a free one that allows you to connect chatbot to your website.

It helps in connecting and interacting with multiple visitors simultaneously, which eventually increases the experiences of various customers with a reduction in wait time. Moreover, it also helps you in connective to a real person, who is living so far from you because that you can’t meet him\her in person so this API will help you to interact with that person.

In Social Media Marketing, these set of web APIs helps in taking more out of it. It allows users to log in from Facebook, embedded the post of your social media on your website, and also helps in tacking the website conversion through Facebook.

Like Facebook, Twitter is also having its own API. Facebook and Twitter, these two are the most popular social media APIs that can be integrated on your website, although twitter is a bit lighter than Facebook. This API can be used to put twitter posts, feeds, and share buttons of your website.

In Business, people should always be looking n the storage and hosting solutions which will be more reliable and scalable for the business. With the help of Amazon cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about cloud storage.

With the use of Amazon s3 API, you will be able to allow third-party users also to post and upload files directly to your storage bucket. It will also provide you with the option to update the version of the files or replace it.

If you’re building a website where users can register themselves to do any kind of work or perform any kind of function or to fetch any details, this API will be very helpful for you.

It is strongly secured against hackers or attackers and it also allows users to log in through Facebook also. It maintains the user profiles, handles the flow of forgotten passwords, and also allows for authorization roles. Stormpath supports the use of login through many tech giants which include Google, Facebook, Github, and LinkedIn. Recently it has joined with the force of Okta.

FullContact API is one of the most popular and recommended API in terms of handling the information of the users. It gives you the complete information about the person who’s behind that email address. This information includes Name, Facebook Id, Username of twitter, phone number, and much other valuable information.

Your Sales team will get lots of benefits from your step of adding this API into your website. Although it is an old API  still it’s worth it using. There is no problem is using an old API if its worth it using and can be beneficial for you because, in the end, you have to think about your benefit as its the only motive of using APIs.

If you want to include the capabilities of AI in your application, then Microsoft Cognitive Services should be considered by every software developer. With the help of this API, you can access features like advanced image cognitive services. This specific feature allows you to recognize a specific particular image from the entire internet world.

In old windows phones, Microsoft used to provide wallpapers of space and screen savers to the users. Images of Space or any other things looking like space are very much popular and also liked by all.

If everyone likes the images of space so why we don’t pick them directly from the source providing them and hence NASA API comes into play as it is a never-ending store for space pictures. Space Picture provides relief to eyes and it usually gives a different feel, to know about the space through pictures.

If you’ve built an e-commerce website and you’re building so you must be wanting to make the process of payment as much smooth as you can so that user doesn’t feel any difficulty in shopping from your site and come on your website on the regular basis so, Payment Request API allows you to give your user an amazingly smooth experience.

It also allows your user to choose the payment method and it also has a function to set the variable prices on the basis of shipping address as the distance of shipping address increases the price also increases.

CSS decides all the things about your website and how your website will look like. It increases the chances of error when it is not following the standard template. These APIs help the developers in creating the layout modules similar to the grid or flex that we are using in today’s date. After the rules have been defined, the layout API can place the items anywhere within the defined elements.

If you’re thinking to provide the sing up and login option to the users on your website then you should consider the Credential Management API. This API will allow the user to login with the credentials that are stored in the browser. It will also allow the users to log in to your website without entering any credentials. This API will come into place as the moment user enters or visits your website. It is a very popular API as on every Website you’ll see that this API has been used.

Usually, the developers get very few opportunities to change how the browser is deciding to render a webpage other than directly updating the DOM. This API helps in providing access to render pipeline via JavaScript, which helps the developers to change the operations of the browser according to the needs.

According to the name suggests, this API allows the developers to have access to the sensors that are present on a mobile device. This API is a ‘generic’ API, which means that it has access to call any sensor present in the mobile device. For adding different APIs, there’s no need to add different APIs.

This particular API is divided into two parts which include speech synthesis and speech recognition. The speech synthesis provides access to different options whereas the speech recognition object detects the speech of humans.

Most of the browsers support the speech synthesis part whereas the recognition part is supported by chrome and firefox.

The community is discussing to expand the recognition part to add other inputs also which will help to provide a real-time closed caption of a video conference.


IFTTT and Zapier are the APIs that are worth considering by the developers. These two APIs allow you to create the recipes or conditions which help you in connecting your websites with existing APIs. These two APIs will allow you to take so many actions which you want to take when a particular instance occurs.

The above list covers the majority of APIs which are popular and which should be considered by developers. We hope these APIs were cleared and we were helpful in making your aware of how the mentioned APIs work. API will not only give your customers a delightful appearance but it will also help you to manage your customers in a good way and properly so that they don’t feel any difficulty in performing any actions.

Thank you for reading this article, we’ll always help you people with upcoming technologies.

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