Date time plugins in Js allows you to add date picker functionality to your websites to offer better end-user experience. Such plugins allow you to customize your pages while building complex forms that require a data input. On the other hand, these plugins allow you to add user-friendly time picker upon selection of an HTML input text field.

In this article, we are going to present some of the best jQuery Date Time Picker Plugins suited best various tasks and tailored according to your requirements. You can check jQuery Date Picker API for more functions and options.

Types of the Date Time Plugins in JS

At first, it looks easy to design date-time plugins in Js. Indeed, it is often a painful experience to pick the date. You can find bad instances all around the internet. We think it is essential not to jump into choices from the beginning to design a great experience. Take time to ask questions, discover responses, generate stories about users, and explore the internet.

Let us look at the prevalent input date patterns that assist us to identify the correct date picker for us.

  • Text input

The easiest way is simply to let the user enter the date. If the required validation is given, this always works. Can be used in combination with the date picker.

  • Dropdown to choose each value: date, month, year.

Can become irritating, particularly if the user also has to input time.

  • Calendar

The most common way of selecting a date. You can find multiple specific cases online.

  • Scrolling date picker on mobile devices.

Works pleasant, unless the user has to scroll too far into the past or future.

What makes Date time plugins in Js pleasant and usable?

Just like any digital app development goods, the date picker should also be analyzed. There are indeed very excellent solutions for severe choices and relatively easy amateur solutions among them. We split our analysis criteria into four blocks.


To know how to construct or reconstruct it, it is essential for whatever you use to be well-documented.


There should be a great library with alternatives that can be updated to add or remove certain features.


Who intends to visit a website with Date time plugins in Js that only operates with Chrome and Webkit browsers?


Start by telling yourself if the plugin will suit your user’s needs? Does this suit your product? This is one of the most crucial evaluation criteria for date picker libraries. The appearance and quality of the docs are not so essential compared to how the library will handle your job.

To use something a little easier for range selection try Datepair.js. This relies on dual input fields for choosing the starting date & ending date of a range.

This can also include time ranges too depends on your settings and how you configure the plugin. Is this better than a single date picker user interface? That is up to you(or your client) to decide. But this is a simple plugin to set up and your visitors may prefer the single field input.

datetimepicker is another jquery project. It is a fairly simple library, with advanced functionality on a paid basis. This product provides many different formats for date & time selection and requires just a single line of JavaScript code to operate. It provides sidebar time selection along with the date selection at the same time.

Pick me up is a very simple, powerful, and customizable datepicker. It allows integration with UIKat and Twitter Bootstrap. It is based on DatePicker by Stefan Petre. This browser supports 2 latest stable versions of Firefox, Chromium, Opera, and Edge.

Anyone who knows Bootstrap recognizes how helpful it is for different projects. It is one of the several plugins specifically designed for Bootstrap layouts and should also be compatible with Bootstrap 4.

The layout contains a month & year change section along with a time selector in your date picker to change minutes/hours. It fits fully into the Bootstrap UI, so for anyone using Bootstrap, it is definitely a useful option.

This is a modern and flexible plugin for displaying simple, attributed calendars in Vue.js. It uses attributes to decorate the calendar with a variety of visual indicators such as highlighted date regions, dots, bars, content classes, and even popovers for simple tooltips or custom slot content.

This date picker consists of a single date, multiple dates, and date range selection modes out of the box. Also, because V-date-picker is basically a wrapper for V-calendar, it supports the same props, slots and custom theme support.

Another strong datepicker made on React basis. One need to use only a pair of npm commands to install it. We really liked a huge number of components for customization. Based on this project, one can create almost any solution to select a date. There are many options for time choice, text entry line, month choice, making date-ranges.

The design is quite simple and straightforward. This solution can be chosen for strict corporate apps. A plus point of this project is date-fns library localization.

jQuery UI time picker plugin is built to match with other official jQuery UI widgets. Based on the existing date picker, it will blend well with your form and use your selected jQuery UI theme. This plugin is very easy to integrate into your form for your time (hours/minutes) inputs.

This is a jQueryMobile / Bootstrap / jQueryUI plugin that aims to make user interaction with dates and times simple and intuitive. It is a collaborative work, with a full range of rich features allowing easy implementation, and painless extensibility.

Pickadate.js is a mobile-friendly, responsive, and light-weighted jQuery date & time input picker. There is a tonne of options to customize the date and time pickers, like month/year selectors, time intervals, and so on. There is also a rich API to extend the functionality of the picker.

A clock-style timepicker for Bootstrap a jquery plugin. Both PC and mobile devices are supported. It also works great in touch screen devices. All major browsers are supported, including IE 9+. Clockpicker should look and behave well enough in IE 8.

Pikaday is a JS datepicker plugin with a light footprint and easy style-ability with modular CSS. Pikaday is packed below 5kb and is not even dependent on jQuery. It does play well with Moment.js if you require advanced formatting. This JS datepicker has literally been on my “projects to build” list for years. I have seen alternatives since but nothing I have been happy to develop further.

Zebra Datepicker is a quite small yet and highly configurable date and time picker jQuery plugin, meant to enrich forms by adding the date and time picker functionality to them.

This jQuery plugin will automatically put a calendar icon to the indicated input fields which, when clicked, will open the attached datepicker. Users can easily jump b/w entered in the input field using the date format of choice, configurable in the datepicker’s options.

Calentim is a Date and Time Range Picker plugin, built using jQuery and moment.js libraries. It can also be used as a single date and time picker beside the range selection feature. It can be shown inline or used as a dropdown beside an input.

Airbnb Picker is an easily internationalizable, accessible, mobile-friendly datepicker library for the web. The layout of Airbnb Picker is very intuitive and clear. The library of it is well documented and can be obtained through the npm in a few minutes. A good plus from the usability point is that a distinct colour highlights the chosen dates.

This datepicker is not very popular. It is installed in a few clicks and has very good options for customization. With the help of this solution, one can make a date range picker, highlight the dates they need and make slots for dates.

Mobiscroll is a wheel scroller  / Date and Time picker jQuery plugin for touch devices like Android phones, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Tab. The control can be customized easily to support any of the custom values and can even be used as an intuitive alternative to the native select control (dropdown list). The control is themable.

Wickedpicker is a jQuery-powered time selection plugin that works on any of the input fields. This plugin supports user input for hours/minutes and the AM / PM setting. You can also run it on a 24-hour clock with a simple JS option.

Few datepicker plugins have time selection, but it comes as an extra feature. This plugin is developed solely for time inputs, so it is a nice choice if that is all you need.

Another popular frontend framework is Foundation and if you are more into that library you should check out this Foundation date picker also 100% free.

Foundation date picker also comes with a time picker and options to include the time inside the date selection screen. One can even define dates based on fixed settings (i.e. only certain dates available) and limit those dates to certain times.

Users can even restyle the time input with fixed choices like 15-minute intervals.

The light-weighted Flatpickr plugin is easy to use and even easier to setup. It is developed with simplicity in mind so the default UI should blend into any layout.

This datepicker is not very complex. But that is often what users want: a simple interface to input data and move on.

With Flatpickr one can customize the initial date, month, and year along with restrictions on which date(s) can be picked. Plus they can add an optional time parameter using the 12H or 24H clock.

No doubt this is one of the better date picker plugins just for its design, UX, and good features.

The Syncfusion DatePicker is a light-weighted and mobile-friendly component that allows end-users to enter or select a date value. It has a month, year, and decade view options to quickly navigate to the date you want. Syncfusion DatePicker supports minimum dates, maximum dates and disabled dates to restrict the date selection.

This plugin comes as a part of a large product that includes a variety of UI components for web development on well-known frameworks.

Hello, the week is a beautiful, Material Design styled DateTime picker component which allows you select date and time from a modal popup. This is a zero-dependency JavaScript plugin to create a nice clean multi-language inline calendar for date selection.

ptTimeSelect is a jQuery plugin that offers a UI for a user to define and set a time on a user form. It needs jQuery (obviously) as well as the dimmention.js plugin (available from jQuery as well).

Timeago is not a timepicker itself, but it can help you easily build one by automatically updating fuzzy timestamps. (For e.g. “4 minutes ago” or “about 1 day ago”).

Kwik is a flexible and very easy to integrate jQuery plugin to display events on your website in the calendar that syncs events from either a .json file or your database.

jDigiClock is a jQuery plugin inspired by the HTC Hero Clock Widget. To use the jDigiClock plugin, simply consist the jQuery library, the jDigiClock source file and jDigiClock core stylesheet file inside the tag of your HTML document.

This is a jQuery-based replacement for input boxes, making them date pickers. This affects the original input box directly, which is used as the data container.

jquery.minical has no dependencies other than jQuery, its icon PNG and stylesheet (which has SASS variables for easy customization).

It has full keyboard support and also defaults to make the associated input read-only, so its value can only be changed by the date format specified in the plugin, alleviating unexpected JavaScript date-parsing drama. (It also works great on mobile, with just enough touch event handling to behave properly.)

This is easy to access and customizable jQuery plugin for making countdown timers or digital clocks with a lot of options and call-back support.

This is another simple jQuery plugin that displays a user-friendly time picker upon selection of an HTML input text field.

PIGNOSE-Calendar helps you to make an easy, simple and eidetic jQuery plugin. This plugin supports responsive display and mobile environment.

jTimer is another jquery plugin for the time that control the time with a structure like strftime with high performance.

Caleran is a Date Range Picker plugin, designed using jQuery and moment.js libraries. This can also be used as a single date picker beside the range selection feature. It can be shown inline or used as a dropdown beside an input.

React-day-picker is an easy and flexible date picker component for React. This date picker is highly customizable, localizable, with ARIA support, no external dependencies, 9 KB gzipped.

Salsa-calendar is a simple, standalone JavaScript library created to generate date (range) pickers for hotel booking apps.

These were some of the best Date time plugins in Js. I hope this datepicker will be useful for web designers and developers. You can also read about, JavaScript Libraries for Table